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Nyt Europa - Chapter 6, JUSTICE

This event took place in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen on June 11. 
In the midst of the re-opening of Denmark from the Covid-related restrictions and in the middle of the debate on how the EU member state could and should cooperate on a rescue-packet for the crisis-stricken continent, the danish partner hosted the previously postponed event on Chapter 6: justice. 


It was hosted as a small-scale event in the outdoors, due to the continued restrictions. We had to cancel the event in March due to corona, but more than ever it seemed relevant to discuss Justice in term of COVID 19.  More precisely, economic justice and the recovery plan from the EU and how it would effect the European solidarity.








Visited by Magnus Barsøe, cand.merc. from Copenhagen Business School and holding a master degree international journalistikc from City University in London, the event focused on the economic challenges facing EU because of the Covid-crisis. 

The diagnose from mr. Barsøe was clear:

Europe is at a cross-road. Either we will stand together in solidarity to prevent an economic and fiscal crisis much worse than the one from 2008. Or we will see the European solidarity pay the price resulting in increased inequality and a prolonged economic downfall. 

In the end it is a question of our sense of justice. Should the countries who have no role in the current health crisis pay the biggest price or should we come together in times of crises in unity and let the broadest shoulders carry the heavy lifting? 












Hear more about the analysis from Magnus Barsøe in the video below: 


This event replaced the planned conference on March 27 at the danish Parliament. 

The event centered on the anneversery of the charter and the different types of justice (social, climate, tax and economic-justice). 

With 100+ participants pending and expert input from people such as danish MEP's and MP's as well as civil society organisations, etc., both formal speeches, debates and informal workshops was planned to gather inputs on the charter.

The event was cancelled due to Covid-19 

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